Research & Scholarship

Last revised: August 23, 2020

Area of Research Interests

  • Chronic stress associated with caregiving and its attributes (e.g., symptoms of depression)
  • Grief (e.g., complicated grief and non-death grief) and loss
  • Wellness of counseling professionals (e.g., counselors, counselor educators, students in training, and clinical researchers) in relation to professional identity in counseling
  • Culturally-responsive research mentorship in counselor education
  • Barriers to Access Mental Health Care among Black, Indigenous, Persons of Color (BIPOC) communities and others during COVID-19
  • Trauma-responsive school yards in elementary schools in the Greater Philadelphia area

Research Coursework Completed

  • Biotechnology & Human Rights (2 credits)
  • Standard Laboratory Experiments in Physics & Chemistry (2 credits)
  • Laboratory Experiments in Life Science I (5 credits)
  • Laboratory Experiments in Life Science II (10 credits)
  • Research Experiments in Biology (8 credits)
  • Introduction to Quantitative Research (EDUC 6114, 3 credits)
  • Qualitative Research Methods (EDUC 8122, 3 credits)
  • Seminar in Counseling (CNSL 8961, 3 credits)
  • Case Study Research Methods (EDUC 8131, 3 credits)
  • Predictive Designs & Analyses (EDUC 8171, 3 credits)
  • Structural Equation Modeling (EDUC 8173, 3 credits)


Published, Peer-Reviewed Articles:

  • Moh, Y. (2020). A systemic approach to the development and improvement of trauma-informed mental health counseling. Romania Journal of Counseling.
  • Barrera, A., Moh, Y., Nichols, A., & Le, H-N. (2020). The factor reliability and convergent validity of the Patient Health Questionnaire-4 (PHQ-4) among an international sample of pregnant women. Journal of Women’s Health
  • Natori, Y., Tagami, K., Murakami, K., Yoshida, S., Tanigawa O., Moh, Y., Masuda, K., Wada, T., Suzuki, S., Nanamiya, H., Tozawa, Y., & Kawamura, F. (2009). Transcription Activity of Individual rrn Operons in Bacillus subtilis Mutants Deficient in (p)ppGpp Synthetase Genes, relA, yjbM, and ywaC. Journal of Bacteriology, 191(14), 4555-4561.

Published Articles, Book Chapters, and Books: 

Manuscripts under Review: 

  • Moh, Y., & Lanthier, R. P. Caring for mental health caregivers: Non-death loss and grief, support, and their associations with depression
  • Moh, Y., & Lanthier, R. P. Factor structure and measurement invariance of Loss Scale of the FMTCS, and the construct validity and reliability of scores on non-death loss and grief in mental health caregivers.
  • Moh, Y. Goals of multicultural counseling.
  • Moh, Y. Multicultural and diversity training in counselors. 

Research Projects

Projects in Progress: 

Primary Investigator 

  • Moh, Y., & Lanthier, R. (2018 – present). The Association between caregiver stress and depression.
  • Moh, Y., Bang, N., & Crunk, A. E. (2017 – present). An examination of the relationship between professional identity in counseling and wellness of counselor professionals.
  • Moh, Y. & Anandavalli, S. (2020 – present). Culturally-responsive research mentorship in counselor education.
  • Moh, Y., Sperandio, K., & Wycoff, K. (2020- present). Barriers to Access Mental Health Care among Black, Indigenous, Persons of Color (BIPOC) communities and others during COVID-19


  • Crunk, A. E., Burke, L. A., Neimeyer, R. A., & Moh, Y. (2018 – present). Adverse childhood experiences and risks of complicated grief.
  • Sperandio, K., Gonzalez, E., & Moh, Y. (2020 – present). Grief in addiction counselors.